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Class Ribbons

Purchase Hunter Ribbons - $30
Purchase Pleasure Medallion Ribbons - $30
Purchase Shatner Ribbons - $30
Purchase Working Ribbons - $30



Show Managers and Secretaries – Please Read Carefully!

For winners to be eligible for the finals:
1. show must order the classes/trophies from Saddle & Bridle prior to the show
2. following the competition, show representative must return to the Saddle & Bridle website to submit results and upload class results sheet for each class held 


What is the carry over fee?
The carry over fee is a processing fee shows pay to transfer a previously purchased class that did not fill (or was not held as planned) to a show at a later date. If classes do not fill, the Saddle & Bridle trophies and ribbons may not be awarded, so the carry over fee saves horse shows money by allowing them to use the trophy that is still in their possession rather than purchasing a new one. To order a carry over fee for any of Saddle & Bridle's classes, please click the last option on the Available Classes list, titled, "Carry Over Fee." Once you select this, you are able to choose which class it is for and add a set of ribbons to your order if desired. 

Can I order just ribbons instead of the class with trophy?
Generally, no. Ribbons are an add-on to ordering a class/trophy. If you ordered only the class/trophy in your original order and would now like to add ribbons to that order, call (314) 725-9115 or email keri[at] for help doing so. 

How are orders shipped?
Orders are shipped via UPS Ground. Please call (314) 725-9115 or email keri[at] if you need your order expedited at an additional shipping cost.

My horse show does not have a show credit card. Can I pay by check?
If your horse show does not have a credit card or reimbursement method to allow ordering through our website, call (314) 725-9115 or email keri[at] to place your order and pay with a check. 

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