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Invite friends, earn rewards!

Established in 2016, Saddle & Bridle’s Bring A Friend program rewards current Saddlebred owners, trainers and exhibitors for bringing non-Saddlebred exhibitors to Saddlebred horse shows. The program operates off of three basic principles:

Saddlebred horses can do their own promotion if people are able to see them.

People need resources to follow up if they have seen something they liked.

Those who introduce others to the Saddlebred should be rewarded for their promotional efforts.

At the end of each show season (following the American Royal) those who invited a friend to a Saddlebred show will be entered in a year-end drawing for a full-page color ad in Saddle & Bridle MagazineThe same person may be entered in the drawing multiple times for each different visitor. Shows are encouraged to add their own incentives as well, such as a waived entry fee for anyone who invites a friend, and to announce program participation in their show’s prize list so that participants can contact friends ahead of time.

How to Participate:

1) Bring a friend who is a non-Saddlebred exhibitor to the show office at a participating horse show. "Non-Saddlebred exhibitor" is defined as someone who has not exhibited Saddlebreds at Saddlebred breed shows within the last five years.

2) Have your friend ask for and fill out the Bring A Friend form (name, phone number, the name of the person who invited them, and what horse show and session they attended).

3) Give the top half of the form to the show secretary and encourage your friend to keep the bottom half, a resource directory of ASHA Charter Clubs.

4) Get excited for your chance to win!

Horse Show Information:

1) Managers and secretaries that choose to participate may download the form and program logo.

2) Secretaries should mail or email any completed forms to Saddle & Bridle. Completed forms may be emailed to or mailed to Saddle & Bridle Magazine, ATTN: Bring A Friend Program, 375 Jackson Avenue, St. Louis, Mo., 63130. Saddle & Bridle will only accept forms mailed directly from the show manager or secretary. 

Shows do not have to be USEF rated to participate and, unlike Saddle & Bridle’s Shatner, Hunter, Medallion and Working Western classes, show participation is entirely free and no sign-up is required.

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