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U.S. Teams Selected for 2024 Saddle Seat World Cup

Twelve saddle seat equitation riders earned their spot on the United States Saddle Seat World Cup Teams that will compete in Parys, South Africa in December of 2024.

The Saddle Seat World Cup Selection Trials were held at William Woods University in Fulton, Mo., Dec. 1-2. The U.S. will field two teams – one three-gaited and one five-gaited – with six athletes on each team.

The team members are listed below in ranked order.


  1. Richie Dallen (Pewaukee, Wisc.)
  2. Ava Bertagnolli (Rices Landing, Penn.)
  3. Madeline Von Ballmoos (Manchester Center, Vt.)
  4. Emily Egner (Hinesville, Ga.)
  5. Madison Hoffmeyer (Linden, Mich.)
  6. Grace Biron (East Aurora, N.Y.)


  1. Samantha Silverstein (Derby, Kan.)
  2. Alexa Finley (Washington, Mich.)
  3. Ellie Riva (Fayston, Vt.)
  4. Olivia Mirza (Tualitan, Ore.)
  5. Eloise Eirich (Charlotte, N.C.)
  6. Abigail Asiatico (Odessa, Fla.)

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