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When Two Worlds Collide

Since I was in my late teens, I have always felt I lived two different lives – two very different lives that I love so very much. Perhaps their differences is what keeps me whole, but whatever it is, I feel blessed to enjoy my life the way I do.

I chose Bellino for the photo shoot at Sunrise, and he was an excellent partner.Most of you who are reading this know me as an American Saddlebred horse trainer who is very involved in bettering our industry by sitting on committees and boards and giving of my farm and myself whenever I can to help our industry. Many also know me as the daughter of two amazing horse trainers, Tom and Donna Moore, and the sister of the amazingly talented Melinda Moore. And you know I have some wonderful horses and ponies that grace the winner’s circle throughout the show season.

Then there are some of you that know I lived in New York City and Los Angeles, California where I modeled and acted in my late teens and twenties. In fact, I didn’t move back from California permanently until 1996 when my father was ill and I needed to come home.

He was a great sport when they asked me to pose sidesaddle in an evening gown.After returning to Kentucky, I plunged head first with all of me into my career as a horse trainer. I worked for my mother and my father at the same time, learning all that I could learn from both of them. I quit modeling and acting and just gave all of myself to the horse industry. At that time, if you wanted to act or model, you had to be in Los Angeles or New York City, so it wasn’t hard not to miss that part of my life. I cultivated an amazing career as a horse trainer. I had great horses, great clients and I worked my rump off. I can’t say at that time I ever looked back or missed what I left.

Time goes by, and as luck would have it, the situation of where movies, commercials and ads were filmed and shot moved away from the major cities. The big cities in states such as Kentucky are now major hubs for many agencies, and there is a lot of work for girls like me!

I was modeling for a horse event, Runway and Rescue, in downtown Louisville (as a horse trainer, not a model) and the head of the agency, who had real models in the show, was backstage and said I should sign with their agency. That was Kathy Campbell, and the agency was Heyman Talent. She had no idea that I made a living as a model/actress in my 20s, and I was very flattered that she thought I should be a Heyman Talent. So, I signed with them, and I have worked as much as I can ever since then. I have shot commercials, done print, and a lot of runway! Derby season is runway season and I love doing runway – love the clothes, love the models and love the energy! Plus, I have met so many amazing people who are now my friends!

I was thrilled to be dressed in my saddle suit for the cover photo!However, I have always kept my two lives separate. My model friends have no idea of my lineage, and my horse friends don’t have any idea of all the fashion and commercial work I do. I choose what I can do, making sure I can give all of me to each, never taking away from the other. But somehow, Tonya Ramsey Abeln, the Editor-In Chief of The Voice-Tribune, knew of my dual lives. I received and email from her, wanting to do a feature on me for the Derby Issue of the Voice Magazine! I was more than thrilled! I was honored that they wanted to feature me, and I was more honored that the American Saddlebred horse was going to get featured in a magazine that wasn’t a Saddlebred horse publication that we pay to be in!

Then things just got better. When Tonya and her crew came to Sunrise Stables to shoot me, she was accompanied by the most amazing crew! Clay Cook who is one of the best photographers anywhere, was the photographer for the shoot! Hello, how exciting is that! Then, I got one of the best makeup artists, Rick Bancroft, the best hair person, Ana Perez and throw in some amazing clothes from Glasscock’s. Please pinch me – my two lives just collided! You may think I am full of it, but as I write this, I get extremely emotional. And to make this great event even greater, there were whispers of a cover! A cover, in my saddle suit! How cool is that?

My worlds colliding.

As I sat to have my makeup done and my hair styled, Tonya interviewed me about who I am and about my life. For someone who knows nothing about me or my lineage, I think she did an amazing job of writing a lovely, factual article. I have a hard time expressing who my family is or where I came from so as not to boast. I had a great opportunity to be who I am because of who my parents were. Trust me, the journey is extremely hard no matter where you come from. And I think sometimes I left home and went as far away as I could to do something totally different, because of who my family was. The fish bowl just got too small. I am sure many young girls reading this can relate.

Perhaps one of the best parts of the shoot was when they asked me if I would get on a horse in an evening gown, and of course I said “sure!” – which they didn’t expect. I chose Bellino, Cheryl Friedman’s beautiful country pleasure horse to be my mount. What a perfect mount! He was a great representative for the American Saddlebred. He posed like a pro, never put a foot out of place and let me ride sidesaddle on him in an evening gown and high heels. Of course I think this is really funny, because he likes to buck with me when I work him in riding clothes on a daily basis!

That was a magical day! A day when my two worlds truly collided and I was able to be the Model me and the Horse Trainer me for everyone to see! God is good!

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