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In The Beginning There Was Van

Ever since I began writing for Saddle & Bridle at 9 years old I had heard that it was a third-generation family business, but really that fact was just a vague idea in my head. I knew little about its history....

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An Apple A Day (Sort Of)

I wouldn’t say I don’t know anything about horses. I know they have been the object of my fascination since the beginning. I used to have a big book of all the breeds and had even circled the ones I wanted to own at some point...

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Apple Didn't Keep The Doctor Away

It’s the middle of the night and I’m holding a dosing syringe the size of a small country and twisting a horse’s ear. When I was dreaming about ponies at the tender age of five, this really wasn’t a part of the deal....

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Bobbing For Apple

I guess you could say this day was bound to come sooner or later. People always say that in hindsight, don’t they? I go to the barn almost daily with my roomie and everything just seemed hunky-dorey. I should have known better…

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