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  • Written by Allie Layos
  • Category: Other

2014 Futurity Sire Rating

Saddle & Bridle’s first General Sire Rating was published in 1931, and quickly became a powerful tool for breeders, but by the early 1940s it had become apparent that an additional rating was needed to honor younger stallions – those whose get were still competing in futurity classes and open classes for horses under the age of two. This new rating was called The Breeding Division, and it became so invaluable that a new point system was even put into place. In 1948, an additional rating was added solely for futurity sires; it utilized the same point system as The Breeding Division, and since the discontinuation of The Breeding Division in 1950, has stood the test of time alongside the General Sire Rating (now called the Performance Sire Rating), guiding breeders to make informed decisions and aiding them in their quest to produce American Saddlebreds of both quality and purpose.

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